Leadership Council

Our Mission:
The mission of ynpnLNK is to attract, retain and develop young leaders within the social sector through networking, professional development, advocacy, engaging in meaningful conversation and other valuable resources for our demographic.

Our Place:
We believe that we will have an amplifying effect on the social sector of Lincoln. ynpnLNK seeks to serve our members with professional and leadership development and resources that will connect them to their peers and notable leaders in their industry. We also believe it is important to foster the bonds between our members, giving our demographic a sense of solidarity and a collective voice. We want to attract young professionals to our sector and provide new and creative incentives for those who make it their livelihood to improve their community.

When we develop, connect and value our young professionals, they will be more likely to stay in the sector, increasing their skills and momentum in the industry, ultimately having an overall larger impact on our city’s future. This creates a more engaged and prepared leadership pool that will make its distinct mark on the challenges facing our city.

Meet our Leadership Council!

Aakriti Agrawal
Kyle Cartwright
Brie Frickenstein
Tram Kieu
Shannon Mangram
Liz Potter
Luke Reiff
Eric Reiter
Erin Wirth
Luis Sotelo
Matt Spitsen
Laura Uridil